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Study in UK for Indian StudentsThe UK  is also one of the nations which do follow the point-based immigration system, it is categorized into 5 tiers.   And only very fewer people who are highly  skilled and are migrants come under exceptional talent visa, entrepreneurs,, tier 4 students investors and rest few categories of citizens. Do you want to be highly skilled migrants contact UK Visa Consultants?

Those students who come to the UK under  UK Tier 4 student visa do require a university or other UK educational institution on the register of the sponsor to sponsor them. They also need scoring sufficient points to be accepted as an international student in the UK.

The present system offers UK student visa for an initial period which does vary depending on the length of the course. In general, we find Tier 4 student can stay in the UK for the course additional 4 months ( for courses which do last one year or more. For that course whose period is between six months and a year, they are allowed to stay for one or two months. For shorter courses, the international students they are only granted a week to stay in the UK once the course has finished.  A study in the UK for Indian students has been gaining popularity.  Hence UK student visa from India applicants is increasing day by day.

The UK student Visas are awarded points based system. To meet all UK student requirement, the students are required to offer

  • Passport details
  • Photograph which is recent
  • Confirmation of acceptance for studies from the institute or university
  • Proof supports the applicant having adequate English language skills
  • Proof that the applicant has sufficient finances to cover their stay and study.

The applicants are also required to provide documents which state their academic qualification and a digital scan of their fingerprints.  And depending on the nation of your origin, the applicant may also be required to have certain medical vaccinations.

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