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Canada Immigration- Rolls Out Red Carpet for Skilled Workers

Immigration-to-Canada-from-IndiaCanadian Migration: The demand for skilled professionals in Canada is very high. This maple leaf country with vast human resources requires maximum workforce to progress in different sectors. This nation is heading only with the Growth mantra, to fulfill its demand; Canadian Immigration has opened its doors to the skilled professionals. People looking for a high standard of living and modern way of life with progressive attitude are seeing Canada as the best option for migration. 

Canada historically believes in diverse cultures and respects the integrity of different cultures. Canada offers world citizens to settle in Canada and work for the progress of its nation. Canada grants permanent residency to the employees contributing to the economy gradually.  According to the recent developments, it is known that every year close to two lakh skilled workers come to work in Canada.

Canada work permit visa is initially given for a shorter time period. All the applicants with approved Job offer can apply for Temporary Work Permit. This Temporary further allows the applicants to go for the Canadian Permanent Residency. To hire an employee under the temporary work permit, visa Canadian Employer must apply for the Labor Market Impact Assessment. Upon seeking the approval Employer can offer a job to the applicant. With the Job offer, the foreign skilled worker applies for the Work Permit to Canada.

Temporary work permit in Canada is granted depending on the requirement and various other requirements. Skilled workers looking for permanent residency in Canada, after gaining some valid experience can Apply for Canadian Immigration Process.

Temporary work permit visa acts a base to obtain Canadian Permanent Residency. Skilled professionals with valid temporary work permit visa can apply for permanent residency under Canadian Experience Class and Provincial Nominee Programs

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