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Tips for converting the Australian Student Visa to PR Visa

Options to PR after a study in Australia

Some students arrive in Australia, and they like the style of living, leading to the decision of living here. Eventually, they apply for a Permanent Residence Visa after completing their studies.

While selecting a course it is of extreme importance to give a thought regarding the prospects and chances to get the permanent visa. Start looking at the occupation lists and know about the lists and visas to pursue. Also, note that the occupation may exist on the list now but can be removed later. Besides, there are factors other than the course you select like:

  • Age
  • Ability in the English language
  • Possessing the Qualifications
  • Experience   in Employment
  • Skills of a Partner.

Pathways to Permanent Residence

Australia is a favorite destination, for many global students, every year, to pursue further studies. Many students return to their original country on completing their study but a few decide to continue their life in Australia. Before doing this each student has to successfully apply and seek the status of permanent residence.

There are many pathways for these international students. The final choice depends on many factors like the qualification the ability in the English language, rich history of employment and fulfilling other requirements. The three common options are:

Post Study Work Visa

On completing study many applicants fail to find eligibility for permanent residence immediately. The reason is not having adequate points to opt for skilled migration, or not finding an employer/state government to sponsor their application. The ideal choice in this scenario is the Post Study Work Visa (subclass 485) after completing their studies.

This Visa is for two years with no restrictions on work rights. Additionally, the applicants completing two years of full-time study in the country can avail it to get the qualifications.

The Post Study Visa is used to meet the permanent visa requirements. This is also helpful to complete work experience in Australia or for using the time to get a high English language score to gain extra points.

General Skilled Migration

Skilled migration program of permanent visas is based on skills and work experience of a candidate.

It does not need the sponsorship of an employer. There are many requirements to satisfy like the requirements of skill and English language and a points test.

Points for skilled migration depend on age, ability in English, employment history and study history factors. In a few cases obtaining the nomination of the state government is necessary to meet the conditions or for adding points.

Employer Sponsored Visas

The employer-sponsored visa is also an alternate visa path. When an applicant is not in a position to meet requirements of skilled migration the option is employer sponsorship. Furthermore, its requirements are different and also easier to meet.

This pathway involves a process to obtain a temporary visa at first (subclass 482). The candidates can subsequently work to get the permanent visa after working in Australia for three years with the sponsoring employer. This is not a requirement always and you can also apply directly to get the permanent residence (186 visa).

The ideal Option

Each option and path has its advantages/disadvantages. There are many factors to consider before opting for a path. Remember that visa regulations in Australia change rather frequently.

Do not take a wrong path and also take the advice of a professional source. Also, know

  1. The course you desire to pursue
  2. Meet the GTE requirements
  3. Know  all the details regarding the university/college, and/or
  4. Know all the details regarding the city/region you want to do your studies

Meet the GTE requirements is important if you apply for a student visa from abroad. It also potentially increases or decreases your chances to get the student visa. Knowing all the details regarding the university/college is important when the state has your occupation on its sponsored list. Furthermore, you can apply for a permanent visa when you get an invitation from the state.

After studying in a Trade, Vocation or University course you can increase the chance to get the:

  • Graduate 485, 457, 186
  • ENS, 187
  • RSMS,
  • State Sponsored 190
  • Skilled Independent 189 Visa

This depends on the course you select and the time of applying.

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