Self care leads to better control of health – Europe

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Health CareA Brussels-based health think-tank, Epposi, conducted a survey recently, according to which, to take greater control of their own well-being and health, consumers want to use self care.

Around 2,000 Europeans participated in the survey which took place in 10 countries, namely, Finland, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain and Scotland.

Out of the people who participated in the survey, almost 90% believe that self care is crucial to managing illnesses like incontinence, diabetes and other minor ailments and also to stay healthy.

However, many people feel they are unable to manage their own health because of health literacy, communication skills of medical professionals and cost.

Executive Director of Epposi, Jacqueline Bowman-Busato, said that these barriers should and can be overcome as the social, economic and individual benefits of self care are highly significant.

Bowman-Busato continued that for example, even replacing a very small percentage of hospital visits with self care would reduce human and financial resource pressure on health care systems, empowering patients and their families.

She added that relatively, many barriers would be easy to address.

Bowman-Busato said that providing quality information and improving basic health literacy will be an excellent start.

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