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Express Entry 12th draw successfully conducted

Canada Express entryThe CIC has conducted the 12th Express Entry draw on Friday night on the July 10th 2015. In total, 1516 candidates were invited to apply and the minimum score this time was 463. The long wait has been ended, and it has brought relief to few and hope for many who have not got invite this time, that they would qualify for the next express entry draw.

The CIC had planned to conduct about 25 draws in this particular year, and now with the completion of the 12th draw,  theoretically it is in the Middle of the suggested draws.

Previously, the CIC has successfully conducted 11 draws between the period 31 January 2015 to 26th June this year. For the 12th draw, the cut-off score for issuing the invitation has been decreased to 463- it’s a small decrease from the previous draw. The 11th express entry draw was conducted by CIC on 26th June 2015, and the cutoff score was 469.

Since the launch of Express Entry, this time there has not much gap between the two consecutive draws I.e we find that there has been only 14 days gap, which is less than a fortnight. And this time, we also tend to notice the difference in the cutoff score of the 11th and 12th draw not much but a slight change.  In the 11th draw, numbers of invitations sent were around 1575 but this time for 12th draw around 59 fewer invitations was sent, as the number of invitation sent was 1516 invitations.

For the 11th draw,  some invite send was 1575,  and it is the third highest amount of invite sent till date to the candidates applied for Express entry. For the 12th draw, the number of invitation sent was 1516, which has been registered the fourth highest amount of invitation send till date.  We note that, as there has been a decrease in the cutoff score, there has been joy among those who have registered for the Express entry. Many who were designated for express entry were waiting for CIC to conduct the 12th draw and send them to invite, their wait has been over.The candidates in the Express entry pool are presently awaiting for the CIC to conduct the 13th draw and are keeping their fingers crossed, who could not make it in the 12th draw. Those candidates who have applied for express entry are expecting the CIC to conduct the draw early as possible. The express system has managed to lay the swifter path to Maple Leaf nation. On the whole, we find the CIC has 13519 invitations send.

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